Start your cybersecurity journey with this free path

I work with a skilled team at Bytekey, where most members are OSCP and OSCE3 certified, and we always strive to learn new methods as they evolve. From my practical experience, I can say that no single training can make someone a cybersecurity expert. It is a long journey! However, there obviously should be a starting path, right?

If you are ever looking to start with Cybersecurity and don’t know where to start:

Be a good admin

  • Learn to control Linux from the terminal and get used to bash scripting.
  • Learn Windows commands and Windows internals.
  • Learn networking basics.

Love the programming

  • For automation: Python, Bash, Powershell
  • To understand web exploitation: PHP and SQL
  • Payload development: C/C++, C#, Go, Assembly

Professional Training

  • Security+ for general cybersecurity knowledge
  • OSCP, OSEP, and CRTO to develop a hacker mindset and learn offensive methods.
  • OSDA for blue teaming basic.


  • HackTheBox
  • TryHackMe

What’s next

  • Practice, practice, and practice.
  • Work in real-world projects.
  • Find new vulnerabilities in exploit-db and build your own exploit based on the PoC.
  • Learn advanced AD attacking/defending methods

Need a helping hand? you might contact me!